Can we order online?

Yes! You can place your orders through at a time of your convenience.

Do you deliver?

Absolutely. Though Mughal Rice and Mughal Flour are available in thousands of stores across the country, we are presently only processing and delivering online orders across Karachi. Other cities will be added as we have them.

Is there a minimum order we have to order?

Not really. A lot of customers purchase just a 5Kg order or even a few 1Kg bags. We will try our best to process all orders we receive.

Do you offer free shipping?

Orders that are greater than Rs.4,000 can avail free shipping.

Can we order bulk rice through FoodsByMughal?

We have a wide variety of Rice and Flour packaging that you can explore. As long as it is within a city we are offering delivery for, we will be happy to process your order as soon as we receive it!

How long does it take to delivery my order?

Order processing can take upto 5 working days. In case you are looking for a faster option, we encourage you to order Mughal Rice or Mughal Flour through a retail outlet or even some of the Quick Commerce platforms that carry our product.

How can I become a Mughal Ta’luq Cardholder?

The Mughal Ta’luq Card is our Loyalty Program. When you make a purchase through our website or at our Mughal Fair Price Shops (FSP), you will become the proud owner of a Mughal Ta’luq Card. You earn points on every purchase from these two touchpoints (ie: website and FSPs), and also shop using these points.

Do you have any special discounts on offer?

All offers and sales are communicated to the public through our website and our social media. Specific retail stores may also carry their own promotions. You can also earn and use points through the Mughal Ta’luq Card Loyalty Program.